Technical specifications of the WILD - distributor


-The fully automatic system, with interchangeable couplings to fit all tube systems, precisely distributes long and short feed, straw and wilted grass.

-The WILD distributor, a field tested machine developed over many years, guarantees working precision and a long and trouble-free life.
-The motor driven retactable telescopic tubes operate to a minimum length of 14ft or 12 ft with a shortened cone- and to a maximum length of up to 160 ft. A second motor, mouted together with the first motor on the travelling carriage, gives a regular slewing motion of the ejector.
-The aerodynamic tube construction provides minimum loss of momentum and optimum handling of the product without damage or blockage.
There are various models for every barn size and layout, guaranteeing an ideal adaptation to every situation.
-A built in time delay switch for both retracting and slewing guarantees a perfect distribution at the ends of the barn and along the walls.
-The fully automatic system can be remote-controled.
-The Telescopic Distributor, today operating throughout all Europe, was developed and designed by WILD. It was decorated with a gold medal in the outstanding class at the Brussels Inventors' Exhibition. You too can profit from our experience and technical know-how.
-The new accessory for forward and return distribution provides possibilities, as never before, of using every type of barn layout.



For maximum space utilisation: forward and reverse spreading device. Lastest design incorporates silent running and corrosion free machine.


Fully automatic electrical control panel.